Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Moving Home

So should there be anyone left who actually views this blog anymore I'm amazed.
Anyway I have just finished my HNC in Photography and have decided to relaunch the blog on a new platform. The reasons for whihc should become clear as I go along.Should you wish to start following me again I can now be found at:


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Catching Up

As my eyesight started to diminish  my ability to head out safely to the hills I loved also declined. As a result my enthusiasm for my walking website also declined and so I ended up with many of the walks I had manged to do in 2014 not making it onto the site. 

Since my first operation I have been able to head back out onto the hills I love and managed to fit three walks in-between my operations.

I have enjoyed an evening stroll through Wolfscote Dale

Finally got out by myself for a walk taking in Padley Gorge and Higger Tor

The day before my second operation I fitted in a late afternoon walk along Stanage Edge

When the eye patch came off after the first operation and I finally realised how bad my eyesight had got I set myself the goal of getting all of the missing walks from 2014 online. Today is the first day after the second operation that I get to head to the hills and this morning I published the final missing walk from 2014

Time to head out and reacquaint myself with all the places I love so much and haven't visited for so long.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

I Have ORTs

It is many a year since I have been able to say that.

Over the last few years sewing had become increasingly difficult and about 18 months ago I found out why - I had a cataract, which by last week was covering all of one eye and as I now know making the world very dim and hence stopping me sewing.

Last Thursday the first and worst cataract was removed and I can now see to sew again. For the last two days I have reacquainted myself with my cross stitch and made a fair bit of progress on Celtic Autumn.

No pictures because one of the things I can't do for another 10 days is risk putting a camera up to my eye and knocking it.

I wonder if I have any followers left!!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The ABC of Me

I've seen this on a few blogs now so thought I might as well have a go.

A - Age: 47
B - Bed Size: Double
C - Chore You Hate: Grocery shopping
D - Dogs Name: Never had a dog
E - Essential Start of the Day Item: Orange juice
F - Favourite Colour: Blue
G - Gold or Silver: Gold
H - Height: 4ft 11 and three quarter inches (don't forget the three-quarters)
I - Instruments you play: None
J - Job: Self-employed quiz setter
K - Kids: 2 daughter 22 & son 21
L - Living Arrangements: Own home
M - Music You Love: Genesis are at the top of a very long list.
N - Nicknames: None
O - Overnight Hospital Stay: 7 nights when my daughter was born and 6 nights when my son was born. Normal births in an RAF hospital in West Germany where nobody went home early.
P - Pet Peeve: Socks being inside out or rolled up when I'm sorting out the washing.
Q - Quote from a Movie: 'I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.' Notting Hill
R - Right handed or Left: Right handed
S - Siblings: 2 sisters and 1 brother, all younger
T - Time you wake up: Rarely set the alarm but usually between 8:00 and 9:00
U - Underwear: M & S
V - Vegetables you dislike: Most
W - Workout Style: Fell walking, swimming, aerobics.
X - X-Rays You've Had: Leg when I broke my it in 2002 and a few others as a child/teenager when I did a lot of gymnastics.
Y - Yummy Food You Make: According to my family, meat pie, meatballs, shepherds pie, chocolate malteser cake, lemon meringue, muffins, sticky toffee pudding. I like to bake and they like to eat it.
Z - The Best Place to Visit - Any hill but my favourite place is Bleaklow Stones in the Peak District.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

We're in Love

With Yankee Candles.

Whilst out Christmas shopping last December I came across a Yankee Candle shop in our local shopping centre. As the sister-in-law is incredibly difficult to buy for I picked up some candles for her as a gift, which she ended up not getting.

As is traditional in our house on Christmas Eve we had a take-away and as I didn't fancy coming down Christmas Day and opening our presents in a room that had that, you had a curry last night smell, I set one of the candles alight. Never really having had much to do with candles, unless there is a power cut, I wasn't sure it would have the desired effect, but the room was soon smelling of cinnamon, rather than curry, and the next morning no curry smell at all. Wonderful.

Now they must be good because last night we also had dinner in the living room, rather than in the dining room, and I came downstairs last night to find that husband had lit one of the candles.

It is official we are candle converts and I'm just wondering how long it will take us to burn our way through the sister-in-law's Christmas present so as that I can pick a new fragrance.

Friday, 7 January 2011

2010 Goals

Not being a great believer in New Year Resolutions I do like to set
myself some goals for the year.

Last year my stitching goals were quite simple:

To finish Celtic Autumn.
To finish the stitching I committed myself to for others.

Sadly neither of them were achieved in fact last year saw a pathetically
small amount of stitching being done.

My main goal however was to still be happily married by the end of the year. As I explained the start of 2010 new decades are not good for me:
In 1990 my first husband was killed in a road accident.

In 2000 my second husband decided to trade me in a for a younger model.

So I set as my main goal to get to the end of this year with my marriage and family still in tact and with us all fit and healthy.

Well we are still married and quite happily despite it being a challenging year, with us both being in the first year of setting up new businesses. The health front hasn't been quite so good as the second half of the year saw me unable to walk very far but that is being sorted out now and I'm back out walking again so all in all I think we can say my main goal for the year was achieved.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


What it is to make a fresh start. The first posting on time for the TUSAL being run by Daffycat. I'm sure being on time won't last.

This is my old orts jar that I started last year, which shows just how little stitching I did last year. Hopefully by the end of 2011 it will be fuller.

Don't forget if you would like an opportunity to win the prize at the end of the year you must have signed up for the TUSAL by today, so don't delay.